These were the public deliverables specified in the description of work of the EU-funded Carbon-CAP project. If some of the documents are not available online and you wish to access them, please contact us.

11 Feb 2014

Deliverable D2.1: Database of all relevant stakeholders with clearly defined communication channels.

08 May2015

Deliverable D2.3: Website operational

Deliverable D2.4: Workshops, concept papers, online survey, targeted meetings, etc.

Deliverable D2.5: Summary reports from stakeholder engagement and short policy briefs.

11 Feb 2014
Deliverable D3.1:  Key challenges needing research for implementing CBCA

11 Feb 2014
Deliverable D3.2:  Recommendations for refined foci of WP4-7

07 Jul 2016
Deliverable D4.1: Limitations of the state of the art in CBCA. Improved and harmonized database for CBCA

07 Jul 2016
Deliverable D4.2: Uncertainty in CBCA (report)

15 May 2015    
Deliverable D4.3: Carbon supply-chain hot-spots (database and report)

Deliverable D4.4: Global drivers of change in carbon emissions from a consumption perspective.

15 Mar 2015    
Deliverable D5.1: Structured list of potential demand-side tools and policies, prioritised according to potential scope for carbon mitigation

09 Nov 2015    
Deliverable D5.2: A report on the political, legal and administrative feasibility of measures
Deliverable D5.2 Annex

Deliverable D5.3: Estimate response functions for consumers and businesses and WP5 final reporting.

15 May 2015    
Deliverable D6.1: List of life-cycle micro-level options for consumption based climate mitigation

04 May2016    
Deliverable D6.2: Assessment of environmental potential of options, with tentative hybrid assessments giving insights in macro-level effects

Deliverable D6.3: Assessment of diffusion potential of options and barriers for this, as input for
scenario building in WP 7 Task 2.

Deliverable D7.3: Output data from baseline and policy scenario modelling (3 models)

Deliverable D7.4: Cross-analytical concluding report with assessment, and robustness/uncertainty analysis of outcomes across the different models used

Deliverable D8.1: Report on suggested CBC accounting system

Deliverable D8.2 Final project report including policy implications.

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