The ‘rest of the world’ – estimating the economic structure of missing regions in global multi-regional input–output tables

  • Konstantin Stadler, Kjartan Steen-Olsen, Richard Wood. Economic Systems Research, Vol. 26/Issue 3.


    Incomplete data for the economic structure of numerous countries hamper the compilation of global multi-regional input–output (MRIO) tables. By themselves, most of these countries are of only limited importance for the global economy and incumbent environmental issues. Hence, in most recent global MRIO tables these countries are either roughly estimated or summarised in one rest of the world (RoW) region. Combining a wide range of countries, this RoW region may play a significant role in global economic and environmental accounts. We conceptualise the importance of RoW in several environmental footprint accounts and present algorithms to estimate the structure of RoW. The approach utilises the information of the economic structure within known parts of the MRIO table to estimate the unknown structure. Using this method, global warming potential and employment footprints remain stable irrespective of the chosen initial estimates, whereas natural land use footprints and individual product impacts vary significantly.

  • Last update: 02 June 2017
  • Author: Konstantin Stadler, Kjartan Steen-Olsen, Richard Wood